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Ahmedabad District is the centre of Navsarjan's activities. The Dalit Shakti Kendra vocational school is based in the district (in Nani Devti Village, between Sanand and Bavla), and the organisation has its main offices at DSK and in Ahmedabad city. One of the Navsarjan Vidyalay Primary Schools is also located in this district, in Rayka.

All of Navsarjan's campaigns and programs are administrated from Ahmedabad District, but the following programs are also active on the ground in this area:

Manual Scavenging Eradication Campaign

Women's Rights Campaign

Centre for Dalit Human Rights

Navsarjan Vidyalay Primary School (Rayka) - students are recruited from this district as well as others

Human Rights Value Education - Bhimshalas, libraries and other centres in local communities

Dalit Shakti Kendra - the school is based in this district, which is also one of the areas from which students are recruited

There are 620,765 Dalits in Ahmedabad District, making up 10.67% of the population.