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About us

Navsarjan is a grassroots Dalit organization dedicated to ensuring human rights for all. Our mission is to eliminate discrimination based on untouchability practices; ensure equality of status and opportunities for all, regardless of caste, class or gender; and to ensure the rule of law..

Navsarjan is the largest Dalit organization in Gujarat, and one of the most effective in India.  It is active in more than 3,000 villages, as well as in the cities.  A field staff of about 80 men and women—most of whom come from the communities in which they work—keep Navsarjan in tune with the needs of people on the ground.

Navsarjan now maintains the following programs and campaigns:

  1. Human Rights Value Education
  2. Women’s Rights
  3. Eradication of Manual Scavenging
  4. Minimum Wage Implementation
  5. Land Rights
  6. Center for Dalit Human Rights
  7. Digitization of Data
  8. Dalit Shakti Kendra
  9. Community Video Unit
  10. Local Governance and Political Rights
  11. Youth Awareness and Motivation.

Continuous evaluation and reevaluation is done to adjust program specifics, making them as successful as possible.

Part of the core of Navsarjan’s work is to establish an independent consciousness within the people, so that they can fight oppression and inequality without Navsarjan’s help.  To that end, the field staff organizes thousands of meetings and training programs.  Women’s rights groups, land rights groups, youth groups, village paralegals, agricultural workers groups, and many more are organized and trained to exist independently of Navsarjan, though with Navsarjan’s support behind them.  Navsarjan is working to strengthen a movement of equality, and the power behind that movement must come from the community itself. 

In its two decades of work, which have included both setbacks and successes, Navsarjan has grown to be widely respected (and feared by those who work against equality) locally, state-wide, nationally, and internationally.