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Announcement for sponsoring a female student in the next batch at our Dalit Shakti Kendra

Dalit Shakti Kendra (DSK), The Dalit Empowerment Center, a joint project of Navsarjan and Janvikas, is a residential vocational training center serving economically and socially marginalized youth in the state of Gujarat, India. However, in addition to learning marketable skills like computer literacy, educational toy manufacture, beauty skills (hair styling, make-up, manicure), cooking, and videography, DSK also provides personality development, leadership skills, and a space for self-reflection and growth. Here, young teens who have faced crippling poverty and caste discrimination are free to be teenagers, learning and playing in a safe and secure environment as they should. Most of DSK's students are landless and have dropped out of school to help feed their families. The problem is that this binds them to a lifetime of agricultural labor and caste-based occupations, traditionally the lowest paying and least secure work one can find in India. People doing these difficult manual tasks can expect to make no more than 100 rupees a day, a little more than two dollars! But DSK is more than that. Through the skills they learn and the environment in which they live, these children gain a sense of pride in who they are and hope for the future, taking a message of equality for all people back to their homes and villages. Follow-up studies show that a majority of DSK graduates are employed or self-employed, lifting themselves and their families out of the cycle of crippling poverty and discrimination. However, there are still challenges, especially with the girls. You see, parental prejudice and fears, prevailing social conditions, lack of employment opportunities, and extreme poverty often work against girls coming to DSK. That's where you come in. Our experience demonstrates, that if we can keep the costs down and help ensure future employment, parents will be more willing to send the daughters. DSK is commited to 100% employment of all its graduates and following up with them once they leave the campus. All it takes is your commitment. So will you do it? Will you save a life? You can do so today. It just takes $125. *Dalit is the term this community has chosen to describe itself in lieu of the pejorative "untouchables." You can do the payment via paypal through our website Thanks for the Support! Manjula Pradeep Executive Director Navsarjan